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DIY Installation Tips for Whole House Fans

diy-enlargedFrom one homeowner to the rest, I’d like to start off by saying that all of us DIYers have something in common; the idea of paying someone else to do a job when we’re fully capable of doing it by ourselves makes us a little crazy. The old adage that says…if you want it done right, you may have to do it yourself—is a motto I live by, yet I also know my limits. I learned the hard way that installing my own whole house fan alone could’ve been done in a lot less time if I had a friend there to help. Take it from me. Having an extra set of hands on the job will save time and trouble, and your pride will still remain intact.

Although our DIY installation video combined with our instructional guide should provide you with most everything you need, there’s one important thing we cannot help with. You’ll have to find a reliable quick-thinking helper on your own!

After figuring where the cutting will take place, laying down a few drop cloths beforehand is a good way to catch loose paint chips, acoustic debris and/or sawdust from the ceiling.

The next measure is plain and simple; plug the fan unit into the nearest outlet to make sure that it’s working properly. Imagine having to do it all over again! It’s also important to have your AC outlet in the attic securely fastened with a solid faceplate before doing the heavy lifting.

The biggest problem I had involved hoisting the fan into my attic—all by myself! After about a dozen futile attempts and a pounding headache over the course of an hour, I finally asked my neighbor Bob for some help. The smallest of two-man jobs took only two minutes to fit the fan through the opening. So I learned the hard way, but it ended up teaching me a few things along the way. Bob also helped me with a few other things, such as handing me the tools, screws, nuts and bolts as I needed them. It also helped having a second opinion, and we had fun doing it. Thanks Bob!

Having all the necessary tools displayed at the beginning of our instructional video are imperatives, which is the first part of an optional checklist. The step-by-step setup procedure can help to avoid skipping a step, which has been known to happen.

It’s also a good idea to make sure that all of your tools are out of the attic before mounting the fan grille. This may seem like a small detail, but I’ve heard some stories about tools that have been inadvertently misplaced.

Hopefully these pointers will save all of our DIYers some time while avoiding unnecessary aggravation. Hiring a handyman or a contractor is also an option, but the do-it-your-self mentality in all of us is something to be proud of!


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