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David Goodbrand

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David Goodbrand has used his business and technical skills to help found Centric Air, a whole house fan manufacturing and installation company. His keen ability for proactive problem-solving took Centric Air to a national level during one of the worst recessions in the United States.

Mr. Goodbrand began his career as a Ford auto technician after attending Universal Technical Institute in Phoenix, Arizona. He later pursued and completed a degree in finance from California State University, Long Beach. He began his career in the financial world and quickly moved into management with Bank of America. As a true entrepreneur, David left the corporate world to start his own company, GoodBrand Lending, which grew rapidly and is still in business today. He also went on to complete his MBA from California State University, Fullerton.

In 2006, the recession hit hard and almost collapsed his current business, but his entrepreneurial spirit came alive. He started a new business that incorporated his technical background with his financial background. He studied the technology of whole house fans due to their energy-efficiency and quickly realized with proper modernization, these whole house fans could be the future of green technology in homes. This vision came to life with the birth of Centric Air, a whole house manufacturing company. While the economy turned upside down, Centric Air grew to become a national brand and is now considered to be the most technological advanced, premier whole house fan on the market.

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