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Whole House Fan Rebates & Energy Savings

CentricAir Whole House Fans Save Money

Did you know that Americans spend $22 billion dollars each year to cool their homes with air conditioning? According to one of the nations largest utility companies, your central air conditioner may use 15,000 watts (15 kilowatts) of electricity per hour, costing up to $4.20 per hour to run.

Compare the energy savings when using a CentricAir Whole House Fan to cool your home. The cost to operate a CentricAir fan can be less than $0.07 per hour; saving homeowners hundreds of dollars a year off their electric bills. Homeowners with larger homes can save even more. Also, check with your local utility company about a whole house fan rebate.

If you think the price you pay for electricity is going down, think again! Over the next few years, electricity rates are expected to increase as much as 40 to 50 percent in some states. Fortunately, whole house fan users can adapt by taking advantage of cool evening and nighttime air temperatures to reduce their reliance on air conditioning during hot weather.

Whole House fans are one of the most affordable and cost effective energy saving solutions for your home.  The best use of a whole house fan is to turn off the central air conditioner and turn on your whole house exhaust fan in the early morning, evening or at night when the outside air temperature is cooler than inside the home. The CentricAir fan then does the job of cooling your home at a huge savings in your electric bill.