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Is Centric Air or the competition a better whole house fan?

Choosing between Centric Air and the competition for a whole house fan involves considering various factors such as efficiency, noise levels, installation complexity, and cost. Which is the best whole house fan? Here’s a comparison to help you make an informed decision:

Centric Air

Energy Efficiency: Centric Air fans are known for their high energy efficiency, often using less power to move more air.

Quiet Operation: Centric Air whole house fans are designed to operate very quietly, quieter than the competition.

Quality Construction: These fans are often praised for their robust build quality and durability.

Insulation: Their dampers come with good insulation, helping to maintain the home’s temperature when the fan is not in use

Installation: These fans are often easier to install and come with a DIY installation kit and helpful installation video.


Cost: Because of the high-end components and materials used, Centric Air fans tend to be on the pricier side. However, CentricAir’s budget friendly (QA Deluxe whole house fan) is less expensive, and the build quality is superior to the competition. Click on the following link to see a side-by-side comparison between QA-Deluxe and the competition click here: QA-Deluxe vs Competition

Competitors Whole House Fan

Noise Levels: Many users report that the competitors’ fans are relatively quiet.

Installation: While not overly complex, installation might require professional help to ensure optimal performance.

Cost: Because of the build quality, the competitor’s fans can be less expensive than Centric Air.

Efficiency: They are also known for having decent energy efficiency, although individual models may vary.

Build Quality: Users report that the build quality is not as high as Centric Air.

Effectiveness: In many cases, users report that the competitions fans do not move as much air as comparable Centric Air models.

Key Considerations

Noise: If minimal noise is a top priority, Centric Air is the better choice.

Budget: For those on a tighter budget, the competition may be a more affordable option.

Air Movement and Efficiency: Centric Air fans offer better performance in terms of air movement and energy efficiency.

Installation: If you prefer a straightforward DIY installation, Centric Air is often easier to set up.

Both Centric Air and the competition have their strengths, but for a quieter operation, higher efficiency, better insulation, and robust build quality, Centric Air is the preferred choice.


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