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How To Cool Your Home With A Whole House Fan

A whole house fan is a cost-effective way to cool your home and improve indoor air quality. Here’s how to use an attic fan to cool your house: Note: It’s best to use a whole house fan when temperatures outside are at least 10 degrees cooler than inside, typically in the early morning, evening orRead the Rest →

Centric Air vs. Quiet Cool vs. Traditional Whole House Fans

A Centric Air whole house fan is modern, powerful and ultra quiet. The fan motors used in Centric Air systems are acoustically designed and precision balanced. These high efficient fans are made of composite materials with wing tip design for increased performance and efficiency.

How to Size and Use a Whole House Fan

Using a whole-house fan properly can lower cooling costs, reduce indoor allergens, and freshen the atmosphere of your home. Whole-house fans work by moving hot air out through gables or other attic vents and drawing cooler air in through open windows or doors. As a result, Whole-house fans do not work very well when theRead the Rest →

New Whole House Fan Installation Video

Sometimes it’s hard to know what you’re getting into before you start a DIY project. We don’t want installing your Whole House Fan to be one of those bigger-than-expected projects, so we made an installation video to show you how simple and straight forward the installation is. CentricAir YouTube installation video.