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Whole House Fans Cool Homes Very Efficiently, But!

Whole house fans cool homes very efficiently in most areas of the country. But older style fans have come under fire for creating leaks into the attic, causing potential depressurization problems and being very noisy.

Videos: the Fan Man Discusses Features and Benefits of Centricair Whole House Fans

The Whole House Fan Man explains the features and the differences between the CentricAir and Quiet Cool. The Whole House Fan Man explains the features and the differences between the CentricAir and Quiet Cool whole house fan damper inlet boxes.

Whole House Fans Are Ideal When Cross-Ventilation Design Is Inadequate

Whole house fans are ideal for cooling homes, particularly where cross-ventilation design is inadequate. The whole of house fans should be positioned centrally, e.g. stairwell or hallways. Typically, a single fan unit is installed in a circulation space in the center of the house (hallway or stairwell) to draw cooler outside air into the buildingRead the Rest →

8 Benefits of a Whole House Fan To Reduce House Temperature

As the name suggests, a whole house fan can greatly reduce the temperature in an entire house. However, the model and make of the fan must be suitable for the house and its size to be effective. A whole house fan is installed in the ceiling of the upper level of a house, so thatRead the Rest →

Should You Consider a Traditional or Modern Whole House Fan?

It doesn’t make much sense to use an air conditioner to cool a home when the outside air is cooler than the inside. So in areas with hot days and cool nights, people often use whole-house fans to exhaust the hot indoor air once the outside temperature drops below 78°F.

Centric Air vs. Quiet Cool vs. Traditional Whole House Fans

A Centric Air whole house fan is modern, powerful and ultra quiet. The fan motors used in Centric Air systems are acoustically designed and precision balanced. These high efficient fans are made of composite materials with wing tip design for increased performance and efficiency.

Time To Rethink What A Whole House Fan Is

I have to admit that my experience with whole-house fans has not always been positive. I remember almost 20 years ago as an HVAC contractor when homeowners would ask me to quote a whole house fan installation, I’d quickly steer them away.

CentricAir Whole House Fans Assembled in USA

Centric Air, Inc. assembles their high efficient and very quiet whole house fans in the USA. One of the company’s missions is to provide homeowners with a cost effective alternative for cooling their home without the use of expensive air conditioning via their ultra quiet and energy efficient whole house fans. A second mission of the companyRead the Rest →