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Whole House Fans Are Ideal When Cross-Ventilation Design Is Inadequate

Whole house fans are ideal for cooling homes, particularly where cross-ventilation design is inadequate.

The whole of house fans should be positioned centrally, e.g. stairwell or hallways.

Typically, a single fan unit is installed in a circulation space in the center of the house (hallway or stairwell) to draw cooler outside air into the building through open windows in selected rooms, when conditions are suitable. It then exhausts the warm air through eaves, roof or gable vents. This also cools the attic space and reduces any temperature differential across ceiling insulation.

You should not operate the system when external air temperatures are higher than internal.

Traditional whole house fans can be noisy; however, the newer style ducted whole house fans like those from Centric Air are extremely quiet and designed to operate throughout the night provided the windows and doors are left open for circulation. On still nights this can be more effective than air conditioning for night-time sleeping comfort.