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Honoring Dads Everywhere – Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father's Day - Centric AirFrom all of us here at Centric Air, we’d like to show our appreciation by paying homage all of the dedicated fathers who work so hard to make life better for everyone. To all dads, we’d like to let you know that your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed, but also the fact that helping to raise a family requires wisdom and patience. You’re also a teacher, a lifelong guide—and a role model as well. Day in and day out, all of the things that fatherhood brings, you’re there to restore order and handle each situation with an even-keeled perspective. What you’ve learned through the years will be passed along to those who look up to you while giving you the respect that you deserve. From doing the legwork to helping the kids with their homework, your contributions to your family and your community should be recognized at least once a year.

Because Father’s Day is so close to the official arrival of summer, we know how important it is to stay cool, especially during the dog days when temperatures can reach 100° or more. Aside from running through the sprinklers and/or jumping in the pool to beat the heat, we’re certainly glad that our whole house fans have been able to assist in keeping the inside of your home at a desirable level. With that being said, we’d also like to point out that there are a few other ways to cool off when you’re outside battling the rising temps.

Most everyone knows that draping a damp washcloth around the back of your neck can provide some sort of relief, yet the good old-fashioned ice pack can come in handy for more than just aching muscles. The inside of the wrist area located right next to the palm of your hand is extremely temperature-sensitive, which is where your pulse can be most easily felt. When the heat gets to be a little too much, simply apply some light pressure to the inside either wrist with an ice pack. After a few minutes, you should be able to feel the difference. Although this may not work for everybody, most people are impressed with the results. Dads who already know about this procedure are also aware that if no ice pack is available, a cold bottle of water or a cold can of soda should also do the trick. Dads know stuff.

We’d also like to thank the dads who’ve played an instrumental role in helping us improve our customer service program. Your comments are taken seriously, and we do our best to make sure that your input is not only heard, but applied to help future customers who may be in need of some advice.

From our staff here at Centric Air, happy Father’s Day, and thank you for letting us take care of your cooling needs!



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