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Energy Efficiency During Summer Months

summer_dayGearing up for the summer involves many things, but most of all it translates into having as much fun as possible. Although conserving energy isn’t the most exciting thing in the world, the money you’ll save from being energy efficient may allow you to save enough cash to buy that new barbeque you’ve been waiting to get your hands on. And this is a twofold endeavor; going into the yard and grilling your favorites not only gets the entire family involved, it also gives your indoor cooking appliances a much-needed rest.

Imagine how much electricity it takes to turn on the stove, the range or the oven—or all three at once, but also the amount of juice required for lighting up the kitchen and the dining area. Add some running water to the list and your utility bills may look similar to your monthly bank statement. There are many ways to cut back on energy usage this summer without having to suffer from the lingering effects of overheating. Frequent traditional summer barbeques offer more than just the great tasting food; they’re actually saving you money. Before firing up the grill, making sure that the inside of the house is cool should be a priority.

One of the reasons our Whole House Fans work so well during the dog days is because our customers take a little extra time to become familiar with the energy conservation process. The windows in your home become an important part of it all; some windows are prone to retaining the sun’s warmth throughout the course of the day, which can heat up the house quickly. Keeping the hot air out while letting room temps stay relatively cool is when the Whole House Fan does its job. Sometimes it’s best to open the upstairs windows half-way while the House Fan pushes the warm air out of the house. Because warm air has a tendency to rise and become trapped inside your home, any one of our Whole House Fan units will be able to help regulate room temps to a comfortable level—all summer long.

Following these simple steps with some consistency should eventually turn into a second-nature routine. Not only should you see a dramatic reduction in your overall energy costs, you’ll also be able to feel the difference without having to use your AC unit as often as you used to. Knowing that you’ve taken some of the necessary steps to make the summer more enjoyable is well worth the minimal effort it takes to actually be energy efficient.


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