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Happy Independence Day from Centric Air!

american flagOur staff at Centric Air decided to get together and make a list of the many fun and exciting family activities for America’s upcoming 4th of July celebration. Although I won’t be able to name all of them, you’ll get a pretty good idea that we live in a place that loves to celebrate with traditional events and the ability to improvise along the way. While many people will have the day off—and possibly the entire weekend, they’ll certainly be taking advantage of the time well spent honoring Independence Day and all of the freedoms that come with being a proud American.

Pool parties! If you haven’t been invited to one or you’re not throwing one yourself, cooling off at the nearest lake is a great alternative. Public parks can also provide a place for the parents to get together for potluck picnics while the kids can test their throwing arms with the ever-popular water balloon fights. Baseball and softball games can include anyone who wants to play, and the good-old-fashioned potato sack races are always worth getting out the camera and recording some kooky footage. Board games such as Monopoly, checkers and chess are perfect for those who prefer relaxing while attempting to upstage their opponents.

County fairs are also a great place to be, and the many flavorful blue ribbon recipes will be on display and ready to sample. Seemingly countless chili cook-offs will also take center stage, meaning that it’s a good idea to bring some antacids with you, just in case.

Traditional American cuisine doesn’t stop there; barbeques will be fired up and ready to make their chefs look like seasoned grill-master professionals. Literally millions of burgers, dogs, and pieces of chicken will be devoured on this day, as well as countless racks of spare ribs and tri-tip roasts. Baked beans, loaded potato salad, and Cole slaw make great side dishes that go well with any of the above entrees.

Watching the sun drape over the horizon after an exciting day may provide a great deal of contentment, yet the fireworks displays about to take place all across the country will have most people on the edge of their seats. It’s always a good idea to check and see where the nearest pyrotechnics events will be, or setting off your own backyard display may end up being the talk of the neighborhood. Either way, our staff here at Centric Air would like to wish all of you a safe and happy Independence Day, and many more to come!


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