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How Whole House Fans Work – Video

Video Transcription:

So you’ve heard that a whole house fan can cool your home, but how exactly does it work?

Don’t worry. It’s a pretty simple concept with dramatic results.

Let’s say that it’s just an ordinary day. You go off to work or school and leave your home locked up for hours on end.

As the day heats up, so does your house.

Even as the sun begins to set and temperatures outside start to fall, the heat is trapped inside your house, keeping your home hot.

When you return from your day, you open your front door to a hot, stuffy house, even if it’s cool outside. Yuck!

That hot air is trapped inside your home with no way out. Since heat rises, the upstairs is even worse.

Regular fans just circulate the warm air in the home and cannot get rid of the hot air stuck in the attic.

But what if you had a CentricAir Whole House Fan? Watch what happens!

You simply open up a few windows and turn on the fan.

The fan is mounted in your attic, where most of the hot air is trapped.

The hot air in the home is sucked into the fan and pushed into the attic and out the attic vents.

At the same time, the fresh, outdoor cool air is drawn in, dramatically lowering the temperature in the home.

Now let’s see how it works on a single story home. The hot air goes out, and the cool air comes in. Simple and effective.

Before you know it, your home is comfortable again, for only a fraction of the cost of air conditioning. “Ahhhhh”

You don’t need to sleep in a hot, stuffy bedroom anymore!

A CentricAir Whole House Fan is quiet, effective, energy-efficient, low cost, and the best solution to keep your home cool and happy.

CentricAir YouTube Whole House Fan Video


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