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Title 24 Update: California Energy Commission Approves Whole House Fan Requirement For New Homes Starting January 2014

The California Energy Commission seems to be pulling out all the stops to ensure that homeowners and businesses alike are up to speed on the new guidelines for the upcoming year. As of January 1st, 2014—all newly constructed dwellings will require some welcome energy efficient changes. Also known as Title 24, the unanimous vote to make some mandated improvements essentially means that saving even more money is now a reality. While Centric Air’s Whole House Fans have been getting the job done for years, the state is now finally convinced that using a combination of central air conditioning, multi-paned windows, solar paneling and whole house fans are all necessary elements for sustaining California’s energy efficient future.

The head of the CEC, Karen Douglas, concurs that Californians will be able to save noticeable amounts of money on utilities while staying comfortable during the process. She also says that greenhouse gas emissions will be significantly reduced as a result, thus providing a win/win situation in terms of the air we breathe and the money we’ll save, which will allow us to breathe the cleaner air a little easier.

For those of us who already own a home, thinking about securing the future is already etched into the first few pages of our playbooks. These initial investments are designed to result in a double-header sweep, which should end up producing a substantial collective yield in a timely fashion; in fact, as much as 25 percent more for homes and 30 percent more for businesses when compared to the previous year. Because the future also involves some solid planning, laying down a concrete budget for acquiring these items over time seems to the most realistic.

The Centric Air Whole House Fan undertaking will have more of an immediate positive impact; in cases where central air units can go on the blink—and they do— having an alternate forced air system can save the day. When combined with solar panels and reinforced windows, the number of kilowatt hours (KwH) in your home will immediately decrease. There are many homes in CA where implementing all of these devices is optional, yet the CEC is urging existing homeowners to invest in and also take advantage of these technologies that can perhaps provide the next two decade’s worth of relief.

Title 24 is also receiving a thumbs-up from the California Building Industry Association (CBIA) and the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) as well. While the overall added costs of installation are minimal, the CEC is making sure that these implementations will pay for themselves in relatively short periods of time, followed by homeowners watching their savings add up! To read the full report visit: Building Energy Efficient Standards


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