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Remove stale indoor air that can contain airborne pathogens and viruses from your home.

Comfort Cool whole house fans are designed to bring in cool, fresh, clean air from outside while removing the air from inside, significantly improving the quality of air your family breathes. According to the Lung Association, effective ventilation may also help keep bacteria, viruses and other pollutants out of the indoor air. Research shows that airflowRead the Rest →

Another Successful Trade Show

Setting up our booth at the IHACI (Institute of Heating and Air Conditioning Industries, Inc.) trade show yesterday. The contractor interest in our modern, powerful and energy efficient Centric Air and QA-Deluxe whole house fans was oustanding. We received a lot of positive feedback regarding the quality of our systems, and attendees were especially impressedRead the Rest →

Not Playing On A Level Playing Field

A level playing field is described as “a situation in which everyone has a fair and equal chance of succeeding.” A recent investigation by the California Energy Commission (CEC) confirmed that one of our competitors (QC Manufacturing the manufacturer of Quiet Cool Fans) was not abiding by this rule. We recently learned that the CEC has enteredRead the Rest →

Should You Consider a Traditional or Modern Whole House Fan?

It doesn’t make much sense to use an air conditioner to cool a home when the outside air is cooler than the inside. So in areas with hot days and cool nights, people often use whole-house fans to exhaust the hot indoor air once the outside temperature drops below 78°F.

Centric Air – A Better Whole House Fan

At Centric Air our mission is to provide homeowners with an affordable alternative to expensive air conditioning. Although no whole house fan can completely replace the need for air conditioning, a Centric Air system can reduce its dependency by as much as 50 to 90% saving homeowners hundreds of dollars a year in energy costs.Read the Rest →

Time To Rethink What A Whole House Fan Is

I have to admit that my experience with whole-house fans has not always been positive. I remember almost 20 years ago as an HVAC contractor when homeowners would ask me to quote a whole house fan installation, I’d quickly steer them away.

How To Use A Whole House Fan During A Heat Wave

Much of the country is experiencing a heat wave, which is typical for the month of August. Daytime temperatures can reach 90 to 100 degrees and temperatures during the evening and early night are not much cooler. At about 9:00 PM the outside temperature where I live was 84 degrees, definitely not a good timeRead the Rest →

RIP Affordable Energy. CA Rates go up 80%

State power regulators decided today (May 15, 2015) how to divvy up the biggest electric rate hike in California history, boosting rates by as much as 80 percent for residential customers who use the most power. More than half of the residential ratepayers served by the state’s two largest utilities will see no increase atRead the Rest →

The Rising Cost of Energy and the Impact on American Families

In the past 10 years electrical rates, on average, have increased by 40%. With additional federal regulations and the EPA’s proposed carbon dioxide limits for power plants, the cost of electricity is expected to continue to increase significantly for the foreseeable future. For many households, utility costs can be as much as 25% of housingRead the Rest →

Rate Hike Coming Soon To Power Bill

As the air conditioners hum across the county, residents should brace themselves for bigger utility bills. The Public Utilities Commission on Friday unanimously approved a two-tier plan that will affect more than 30 million people, raising rates on more efficient users while giving a break to big energy users. “This is really the utilities versusRead the Rest →

Instructions For Operating A Whole House Fan

A whole-house fan can provide an energy-saving alternative to air-conditioning, particularly when the air outside is cooler than inside. Although such fans don’t remove humidity from the air like an air conditioner, they provide a powerful degree of ventilation throughout your home. 1. Open windows in your home when operating the whole-house fan to avoidRead the Rest →

Attic Fan vs. Whole House Fan

What’s the difference between an attic fan and a whole house fan? An attic fan is completely different from a whole house fan. They are smaller fans that are installed on the roof or gable in the attic. They are designed to move air out of your attic area only and are not designed toRead the Rest →

A Whole House Fan Can Substitute for Air Conditioning

A whole-house fan can substitute for an air conditioner most of the year in most climates. Whole-house fans provide acceptable summer comfort for many families, even in hot weather. How Whole-House Fans Work  The whole-house fan pulls air in from open windows and exhausts it through the attic and roof. It provides good attic ventilation in addition to whole-house ventilation. You can regulateRead the Rest →

How Well Does a Whole House Fan Work In Florida?

An experimental study was carried out during the summer to investigate the natural cooling potential of use of a whole house fan in Central Florida’s hot and humid climate.  Before the advent of vapor compression air conditioning, the use of whole house fans was a popular means to enhancing natural ventilation to achieve greater comfort in hotRead the Rest →

CentricAir Whole House Fans Assembled in USA

Centric Air, Inc. assembles their high efficient and very quiet whole house fans in the USA. One of the company’s missions is to provide homeowners with a cost effective alternative for cooling their home without the use of expensive air conditioning via their ultra quiet and energy efficient whole house fans. A second mission of the companyRead the Rest →

Solar Saves But Has Potential Risks Also

Is your electric bill consistently above $150 a month? If so, installing a solar power system on your roof could save you some money. But before you decide to go solar, you first must face a complicated array of options: buying, leasing, paying cash up front or financing the deal and paying it over time.Read the Rest →

Can A Whole House Fan Save On My Utility Bills?

Question: I was wondering if installing and using a whole house fan, instead of the air-conditioner as much, would save money on my utility bills Answer: Depending upon its size, a whole house fan only uses a fraction of the electricity compared to a central air conditioner. Also, it uses significantly less electricity than aRead the Rest →