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CentricAir Whole House Fans

whole house fan mounted on damper box

CentricAir Fans offers the best in whole house fans to homeowners across the USA. CentricAir Whole House Fans are powerfully designed to quickly remove the heat buildup inside your house and attic in a quiet and efficient way.

CentricAir’s German engineered fan motor provides 30% more power and uses 1/3 less energy than other industry standard fans. These high efficiency fans are rated for 40,000 hours of operation and are made of composite materials with wing tip design for increased performance and efficiency, while reducing noise up to 3 decibels. The precision balanced, acoustically-designed fan blades offer an ultra-quiet operation. The quality of our Centric Air whole house fan is second to none and is the reason they’ve been called “The Mercedes of whole house fans.”

All CFM ratings listed for CentiricAir have been verified by an independent testing agency authorized by the State of California as meeting the strict (HVI-916) standard.