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Wireless Single Speed Remote Control

Plug & Play. No Wires To Run. Just plug into an outlet.

Our Wireless Single speed On/Off remote control allows you to operate the fan up to 100 feet away.

Make your system more convenient to use and eliminate the need to cut holes and run wires down the wall with a wireless remote control. (Not compatible with Cold Climate Damper)

A photo of the single speed remote control showing two buttons and a red indicator LED.
Wireless On/Off Remote Control More Photos

A Single Speed Remote Control or Single Speed Wall Timer is available with all our products.  If you need a replacement or spare control, please contact us and we will be happy to sell you one.

Controllable Units

Compatible with all systems


Manual Operation, Single Speed


Convenient Wireless Operation. Includes Battery


1 year warranty on single speed remote control; excludes batteries.

Due to product improvements and equipment upgrades, performance ratings and specifications are subject to change without notice.

Money Back Guarantee Assembled in the USA Caution: Make sure the fan you buy correctly states its airflow rating.