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CentricAir 3.4 Energy Saving Whole House Fan 3242 CFM (HVI-916 Certified Airflow Rating)

The CentricAir 3.4 whole house fan delivers a powerful 3242 CFM (HVI-916 certified airflow rating) and requires about 4.0 sqft of net free attic ventilation. It uses 382 WATTS of power and costs about $0.08 per hour to run. This whole house fan system is designed for two story homes up to 3400 sqft and single story homes up to 2500 sqft.

This whole house fan for 2500 square feet homes comes with a single speed remote control with timer. You can also upgrade your system with our two-speed (Hi/Low) remote with timer & temp control or two speed HI/LOW wall switch and digital timer. Also available with select CentricAir products is our exclusive cold climate damper. (See Included & Upgrade Options Below)

IMPORTANT: All CFM ratings for CentricAir have been verified by an independent testing agency authorized by the State of California as meeting the strict (HVI-916) standard. When comparing CFM (airflow) ratings against similar style whole house fans, it is important to always compare the HVI-916 CFM certified airflow rating. This is the true apple to apples comparison. The following link is to the CA.Gov website and allows you to search a company’s Brand to see their products HVI-916 CFM rating  CA.Gov 

whole house fan on damper box
The Centric Air fan mounted on its damper box More Photos
(6 customer reviews)

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Exceptional Power, Extremely Energy Efficient!

The CentricAir 3.4 is a high quality, very powerful and ultra quiet alternative cooling solution. It uses a German engineered industrial grade fan motor that can provide 30% more power while using 1/3 less energy as compared to other industry standard fans.

Extreme Engineering - Built To Last, Extremely Low Noise

These high-end industrial grade motors are built to last and are rated for approximately 40,000 hours of operation. The noise level is also really something to hear – or, actually not hear. At a very quiet 49 dBA on high, the 3.4 is whisper quiet. Every aspect of this system is built to a rigorous specification suitable to demanding industrial applications and is completely maintenance free.

Heavy-duty Maintenance Free Damper

A fundamental problem with traditional whole house fans was air leakage between the attic and living spaces. This could result in dirty attic air entering your home. The 3.4 takes care of this problem with an industrial-quality damper that is thermally insulated and maintenance free. Silicone seals are provided to ensure sealing longevity; they also provide phenomenal resistance to weathering and changes in temperature. Silicone seals have an approximate service life of 30 years and remain flexible down to -40 degrees F/C.

Low Profile - High Air Flow Register

The CentricAir 3.4 comes with a high air flow register that reduces air movement noise through the register. These high-performance grills look great too, so your system looks as inconspicuous as it sounds.

Maintenance-Free Operation

The German-engineered sealed motor and damper never requires lubrication or maintenance of any type.


3242 actual CFM (max); 1409 CFM low speed


Fits in between 16" on center joists


120 VAC, 60 Hz

Unit weight

52 lbs total

Damper box size

28" × 14" × 13.75" (L × W × H)

Grille size (outer)

16" x 30"

Required attic venting

4.0 sq. ft. net-free

Rough opening

14" × 26"


Low profile, hi-air flow, cube-core aluminum (white)


18-inch, industrial-grade motorized impeller


Remote control or wall switch


R-5 or R-10 (cold weather damper ) or R-50 (extreme cold weather damper)

Attic seal

Industrial-grade maintenance free damper


49 Decibels (dBA); 47 dBA low speed


8.49 CFM/Watt (max)

Energy use

382 Watts


15 year limited fan motor warranty. All other components and electrical parts are warranted for 1 year from date of purchase. Warranty excludes batteries.

Control Choice of:
  • Wired 1 Speed Wall Timer – Compatible with Back Draft Damper
  • Wired 2 Speed Low Voltage Wall Switch with Timer & Temperature – Compatible with All Dampers
  • 1 Speed Smart Wifi Plug – Compatible with Back Draft Damper
  • Wireless 1 Speed Remote Control with Timer – Compatible with Back Draft Damper
  • Wireless 2 Speed Plug and Play Remote Control with Timer & Temperature – Compatible with All Dampers
Damper Choice of:
  • R5 Back Draft Damper
  • R10 Cold Weather Damper
  • R50 Extreme Cold Weather Damper
Optional Wall Mount Adapter Choice of:
  • No Adapter required for ceiling installation
  • Vertical Wall Mount Adapter for Wall Installation

Due to product improvements and equipment upgrades, performance ratings and specifications are subject to change without notice.

6 reviews for CentricAir 3.4 Energy Saving Whole House Fan 3242 CFM (HVI-916 Certified Airflow Rating)

  1. Steve

    Just installed yesterday, and the install is fairly easy. The fan is super quiet and works amazing, The quality of the fan seems to be very good as well. Mike with Factory Fans Direct was very helpful and informative, and recieved with in two days. Also get the two speed remote, works great too. Thanks again Mike.

  2. Amelia K

    First of all, we love our whole house fan. It’s an amazing addition to our overall cooling system (we already have central air) but got this to air out the upstairs, stuffy bedrooms and save our poor a/c from being overworked. There are a couple options for purchasing and installing your house fan and my husband did a loooooot of research before making our final decision, and we are so glad we (he) chose a CentricAir.

  3. John Moore (verified owner)

    Just finished my first year with the 3.4. I used it heavily last summer. Then, it sat idle all winter and spring except that one day we accidentally burned salmon on the stove, it cleared the smell quickly. Hot weather is here now and we are using it again. It’s working fine. I installed it myself the day it arrived from centric air (I set up everything in my ceiling at a selected location the day I got the shipping notification). I have the wireless remote Velcroed to the wall next to the thermostat. I watch the outside temperature and as soon as I see it drop to my house temperature I turn off the ac, open the windows and turn on the fan. It’s great! My house used to cook all night, heat soaked from the days’heat and I would end up using the ac even though it was cool outside. Now the house is chilly in the morning with the windows open. Love it!

  4. Tim Jones

    I installed the 2.7 in our previous house and now ready for a 3.4 in our new larger house. The 2.7 was amazing and expect the same from the 3.4. The upgrade 2 speed remote is a no brainer….plug and play.

  5. Samuel Hauge

    I just wanted to say, I’m quite pleased with the fan, and I’m glad I didn’t buy the smaller capacity unit. It takes my house from uncomfortably warm to as cool as I need in an hour’s time and has so far completely eliminated the need to run the portable a/c unit. It’s also as quiet as I could’ve hoped for – the sound isn’t a factor at all (I have to be standing directly underneath the grille to even know it’s opened or closed). We haven’t yet encountered the warmest days which come in late AUG & SEP, but I’m confident that running the fan late in the day after the sun is almost down will have the house cooled off in short order. I would buy it again and only wish I’d put it in years ago. If the state wants to cut everyone’s energy use, they should be subsidizing these things! (I just have to say, after explaining where the air is coming from and going to repeatedly to my wife, I suspect many people somehow simply don’t understand how these fans accomplish their cooling…)

  6. Z Holtzman

    We have a 1000 sq ft home in Echo Park Los Angeles that we were looking to cool off. A friend of mine got a Quit Cool WHF and I was going to order one of those until I read about CentricAir. I watched a few videos and spoke with Mike and soon realized the Centric Air has a better motor, fan blade, and duct system. I installed it myself with out too much hassle. We have plaster and lathe so I had to use a multi tool to cut the hole in the ceiling. We got the 3.4 fan and love it! We have three dogs so we love that it brings in fresh air all night. Highly recommend it for everyone with an attic. Thanks!

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Money Back Guarantee 15 Year Limited Warranty Assembled in the USA Caution: Make sure the fan you buy correctly states its airflow rating.
Included (Control & Damper)
Insulated R5 Gravity Backdraft Damper
Back Draft Damper — No Charge

Industrial grade gravity fed back draft damper requires no power and is standard with all CentricAir whole house fans. The R5 insulated gravity back draft damper is designed keep attic air from entering the living space when the whole house fan is not in use.

Includes one of the following controls:
Single Speed Wall Timer
Single Speed Wall Timer — No Charge

The single speed whole house fan timer allows you to operate the fan on high speed. Countdown digital wall timer. Fits in a single gang box.


Wireless Single Speed Remote Control with Timer
Wireless Single Speed Remote Control with Timer — No Charge

Plug & Play. No Wires To Run. Just plug into an outlet.

Our wireless whole house fan single speed remote control with timer allows you to operate the fan up to 100 feet away.

Make your system more convenient to use and eliminate the need to cut holes and run wires down the wall with…


Smart Wi-Fi Control
Smart Wi-Fi Control — No Charge
    • Control your whole house fan from anywhere using your smartphone with this Smart whole house fan control
    • Power on or off. Set schedule and run time
    • Single speed operation. Runs the fan at high speed only.
    • Easy setup with no hub required
    • Smart plug included
    • Compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant…
Upgrade Options
Upgrade your included control to one of these options:
Two-Speed Wireless Remote with Temperature & Timer (1-12 hours)
Two-Speed Wireless Remote with Temperature & Timer (1-12 hours)$197

Wirelessly controls whole house fan using built-in timer or by temperature and can be operated from anywhere in the home. Never overcools the home and eliminates homeowner having to get up to adjust a timer. Never wastes energy because fan only runs when needed. Simple and Fast Installation - Eliminates wiring and installing a timer…

Plug & Play Wired Two-Speed Wall Switch with Temperature and Timer (1-12 hours)
Plug & Play Wired Two-Speed Wall Switch with Temperature and Timer (1-12 hours)$97

Two-speed wall switch with 50′ Cable. Temperature, Timer and Speed Control. Improves Comfort and Energy Efficiency. Plug & Play Connection. Eliminates Installing and Wiring Line Voltage Timer and Speed Switch. Purchase this whole house fan wall switch online.

Upgrade or Wall Mount Your Damper
Cold Climate Damper (Ceiling or Wall Mount)
Cold Climate Damper$225$275
Designed for cold climates, the Cold Climate Damper (available with CentricAir 2.7, 3.4, & 4.0 and QA-Deluxe 4800, 5500 and 6500 models only) is powered by a heavy-duty actuator that is tested to 60,000 cycles. The damper door is insulated to R-10, (upgradable to R-50), to help ensure an air tight seal whenever your whole house fan is not in use. The air damper can be installed vertically or horizontally.
Vertical Wall Mount Adapter
Cold Climate Damper$69

Compatible with our back draft damper, the Vertical Wall Mount Adapter lets you mount the gravity damper on a wall instead of the ceiling.