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Benefits Of A CentricAir Whole House Fan

With skyrocketing energy prices, investing in a modern & energy efficient whole house fan by CentricAir is a smart financial decision!

Our new style of ultra quiet whole house fans saves you money by slashing your cooling bills.

Save Money. Save Energy. Stay Cool!

A CentricAir Whole House Fan is a simple and inexpensive method of cooling a home anytime the outdoor air temperature is cooler than inside.

Save up to 90% on your Cooling Bills

With Sky-Rocketing Energy Prices. Investing In A CentricAir Fan Is A No Brainer… It will pay for itself in a very short period of time, then pay you in saved utility bills year after year.

Our CentricAir fans are extremely energy efficient. A 5-ton air conditioning system can cost as much as $4.20 per hour to operate! Compare that to just pennies per hour with one of our energy efficient whole house fans.

Traditional Whole House Fans Are Not Very Practical: They are loud, and leave a large uninsulated “hole” in your ceiling and typically require extensive framing. These systems also require large amounts of roof and attic ventilation, which if not configured properly could actually make your home warmer! But not all whole house fans are created equally.

CentricAir Fans Are Modern, Energy-Efficient, Ultra Quiet. They are designed to run all night, steadily drawing cool, fresh air in through open windows while exhausting hot, stale air out through existing roof vents.

The Cure For Hot Stuffy Bedrooms – Improve The Comfort Level of Your Home!

A baby sleeping peacefullyIf you live in a two-story home, it’s likely you have experienced the following: After a long, hot summer day, your upstairs bedrooms are still uncomfortably hot when it is time to go to bed, even though you’ve been running your A/C continuously and the evening is now cool and comfortable outside.

This problem is the result of a few key factors. First, obviously, is that heat rises. Second, many attics are poorly ventilated which dramatically accelerates heat buildup during the day. Third, A/C systems can often be poorly designed and improperly installed. The unhappy result is that upstairs bedrooms often do not cool off which leads to a less than comfortable nights sleep.

A CentricAir fan will not only help solve your problem on all but the hottest most humid nights, it will save you a ton of money as well. Just turn on your CentricAir fan after the sun goes down and when the air is cooler than upstairs. By the time you’re ready for bed; your bedroom will be cool and fresh. And of course, the rest of the house will be nice and cool too, so you can start the next day with a lower A/C load that will save you even more money.

Benefits The Environment

A CentricAir fan also benefits the environment. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), 19 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions in the United States are caused by energy used in homes. Your home may actually produce more than your car. By conserving energy, you are reducing pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, global warming, and our dependency on foreign oil.

Whole House Fans Are Also Known

Attic Fan, Whole House Attic Fan, Whole House Exhaust Fan, Whole Home Ventilation Fan