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QA- Deluxe 5500 Energy Efficient Whole House Fan 3945 CFM (HVI-916 Certified Airflow Rating)

A photo of a fully-assembled QA-Deluxe 5500 Whole House Fan
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(2 customer reviews)

QA-Deluxe 5500 is for 2-story homes up to 3400 sqft & single story homes up to 2400 sqft and requires about 4.5 sqft of net free attic ventilation. It delivers a powerful 3945 CFM (HVI-916 certified airflow rating).

It comes with an option of an On/Off remote control with timer, two-speed (Hi/Low) remote with timer & temp control or two speed HI/LOW wall switch and digital timer. (See Control Options Toward Bottom of Page)

IMPORTANT: All CFM ratings for QA-Deluse have been verified by an independent testing agency authorized by the State of California as meeting the strict (HVI-916) standard. When comparing CFM (airflow) ratings against similar style whole house fans, it is important to compare the HVI-916 CFM certified airflow rating. This is the true apple to apples comparison. The following link is to the CA.Gov website and allows you to search a company’s Brand to see their products HVI-916 CFM rating  CA.Gov 

To see how our QA-Deluxe whole house fan compares against the competition click here: QA-Deluxe vs Competition

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Motor Voltage

120 VAC, 60 Hz

Energy Use

Hi: 662 Watts Low: 480 Watts


5.96 Air Flow Efficiency (CFM/Watts) Hi Speed

Air Flow

3945CFM (HVI-916)

Square Foot Coverage

For 2-Story Homes up to 3400 sq ft & Single Story Homes up to 2400 sq ft

# of Speeds


Duct Diameter


Duct Length

7 Feet

Motor Head Diameter


Motor Head Length

12 1/2”


Hi 51 dBa Low: 49 dBa


R5 Back Draft Damper

Control Choice of:
  • Wired 2 Speed Wall Switch with Timer
  • Wireless 1 Speed Remote Control with Timer – Compatible with Back Draft Damper
  • Wireless 2 Speed Remote Control with Timer & Temperature – Compatible with All Dampers

10 years


None required

Joist Cutting

None required: fits 16” or 24” center

Minimum Suggested Attic Venting

4.5 SQ FT net free area

Ceiling Rough Opening

14” x 28”

Grille Outside Dimension

16” x 30”

Shipping Weight

60 lbs.

Box Dimensions

24”x24”x18” and 20”x20”x30”

In the Boxes

– QA-5500 Motorhead
– Damper Box – Ceiling Grille – 7’ acoustical duct
– Accessory bag



Adapter Choice of:
  • No Adapter
  • Vertical Wall Mount Adapter – Compatible with Back Draft Damper

Due to product improvements and equipment upgrades, performance ratings and specifications are subject to change without notice.

2 reviews for QA- Deluxe 5500 Energy Efficient Whole House Fan 3945 CFM (HVI-916 Certified Airflow Rating)

  1. D McKenzie

    I purchased the Centric Whole House fan. I absolutely love it! I live in Sun City, AZ yesterday was 107 degrees. I wanted a way to cool down the house at night. I turned on the fan at 10pm last night, opening the bedroom windows and the front door. It was 84 degrees. I kept the ceiling fans on. The fan created a cooling breeze, the temperature was 72 degrees this morning.
    I plan on using this fan all year round. In the winter I will turn it on at midday to bring in the warm air to heat the house.

    The fan is very quiet, I had it installed in the living room, which was closest to the access and met the height requirement. My contractor took about 3 hours to install. The most time spent was to get power. I had many questions and had help from both Dave and Mike. Very easy to deal with, a wealth of information. I wanted to support a small business. A selling point to me, was that the fan is made in Germany and has a 15 warranty.

    This doesn’t take the place of AC, but allows a very cool but not cold sleeping environment.

  2. AJ

    Very happy with this system. Purchased for my 2600 sq ft two story home. I also got the two speed remote with temperature control. I set it at 75 degrees before going to bed and it automaticaly turns the fan on and off through the night.

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Money Back Guarantee 10 Year Limited Warranty Assembled in the USA Caution: Make sure the fan you buy correctly states its airflow rating.
Included (Control & Damper)
Insulated R5 Gravity Backdraft Damper
Back Draft Damper
Industrial grade gravity fed back draft damper requires no power and is standard with all CentricAir whole house fans. The R5 insulated gravity damper is designed keep attic air from entering the living space when the whole house fan is not in use.
Wireless Single Speed Remote Control & Timer
Single Speed Remote Control
Plug & Play. No Wires To Run. Just plug into an outlet. Our Wireless Single speed remote control with timer (1, 2, 4, 8 hours or ON) allows you to operate the fan up to 100 feet away. Make yoursystem more convenient to use and eliminate the need to cut holes and run wires down the…


Two-Speed Wall Switch & Timer for QA-Deluxe Fans
Two-Speed Wall Switch & Timer
Our wall mounted two speed switch & timer lets you set the speed of your fan and choose when it will shut off.
Upgrade Options
Two Speed Wireless Remote with Timer & Temperature Control
Two-Speed Wall Switch & Timer
Wirelessly controls whole house fan using built-in timer or by temperature. Wireless remote sits on a bedroom table or used anywhere in the home. Improves Comfort and Energy Efficiency using Temperature Control. Never overcools the home and eliminates homeowner having to get up to adjust a timer. Never wastes energy because fan only runs when…
Vertical Wall Mount Adapter
Vertical Wall Mount Adapter
Compatible with our back draft damper, the Vertical Wall Mount Adapter lets you mount the gravity damper on a wall instead of the ceiling.
Optional Third Party Controls
WiFi Compatible
WiFi Compatible
CentricAir and QA-Deluxe products are compatible with a variety of smart home devices including Amazon Alexa, Echo, Google Home, and others. These third party controls and smart plugs are not sold by CentricAir. If interested in one of these WiFi controls we recommend purchasing our On/Off remote control with timer. This option is available for…
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