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Just wanted to thank you for your great product and service!! I reside in Utah and love the R50 cold weather damper with the 3.1 fan. The hot desert temperatures we experience have been much more bearable with this excellent fan system. It is working perfectly, is very quiet, and really draws the air through my home. Your expertise and friendly service were awesome!! Your DIY instructional video was very helpful. The installation was straight forward and went very well. Thanks Mike and Dave!!
Craig Malan (Ogden, Utah)
Hey, Dave – It got a little hot here in Connecticut this week and I am soooo glad I had my Centric Whole House fan installed previously. I was a little skeptical when I first talked to you. You responded to all my calls and answered all my questions. I want to thank you for your advice and patience. Anyway, thought it was only right to get back to you and let you know how I feel about the system. It’s great!! I cannot believe how long the house feels comfortable after running it during the night. It actually takes until 5 or 6 PM to start warming up again. It’s a gradual warm up and just when it starts to feel a little warm, it starts to cool down outside and I can run it again. So much more comfortable now. Thanks again.
Beverly S. (Monroe, Connecticut)
I Just installed the 3.1 whole house fan. Needed some basic questions answered and wanted to thank Dave for providing technical support on a Saturday. Installation was straightforward with no problems, especially since I did a vertical installation. The best part of the process was at the end when you are hot and covered in sweat from working in the attic and you get to sit at the air intake and feel what seems like arctic air blowing over you! Thanks for all your help.
David M. (Eugene, Oregon)
I have been in construction for 32 years, the last 12 have been as a project manager. I have installed 4 other whole house fans in the past and I got this one because it was advertised as quite……Yesterday I unpackaged your 3.1 and read thru the instruction, my first thought was “they make it sound easier then it will be” what a great marketing idea…..when I have a problem I hope theirs someone to answer the phone!! Well here I am to say, wow! It was as easy as a product should be to install. The direction are as it goes in, simple. I expected at a minimum to have to relocate the receiver box for the remote due to its tucked into a pocket in the attic that for all intents and purposes is surrounded with duct work from every angle but so far I can’t find a dead spot from anywhere in the house and most of all when it is on it doesn’t sound like the swat team helicopter landing on your roof!! I will most likely be replacing the old whole house fans in a couple of my rentals with your product…… Tip- I did upsize, I got the model to accommodate 3400sf and my home is 2500sf. Works perfect.
Shawn Curry  (Clovis, CA)
Love the fans. We purchased three of them (one for our home and two for our rental properties). They are perfect for the cool Colorado evenings! Thank you!
Rosanne Parimuha (Golden, Colorado)
Purchased this quiet whole house fan for a client, installed it last week. All I can say is WOW… This fan is so quiet I had to get back up on the ladder and stick my head up there to make sure it was actually running. Compared to the old school belt driven fan that was ugly, noisy, dirtying and drafty, there is no comparison. The build quality of this unit was impressive, now I’m going to be getting one for my own home! Installation is very straightforward, took longer to muscle the old fan out of the attic then it did to install this. Even though I am a contractor, I would say a weekend warrior, or average DIY should have no trouble installing. Instructions are clear and easy to follow, and presale support was excellent, I had no need to contact them after the sale as it was so easy to install. I would imagine their support to be excellent given they have quick and friendly communication. If you are on the fence and shopping your local home improvement stores, do yourself a favor and stop looking. Yes, the unit is pricey compared to the junk local stores sell, but the quality, energy efficiency and lack of noise are WELL worth the cost!
Harry T.
I live in the Ceres, California where it reaches 100 degrees regularly. After using your WHF 4.0 in my home for (1) month. My energy usage went from 2409 kwh for this billing period in 2013. To 1450 kwh in 2014. That relates to nearly $140.00 saving where I live. I only ran my A/C once the entire month. There was a couple times in the month that my home became uncomfortable. But my iPhone said the temperature was coming down in an hour or two. So family suffered for a little here and there. But it’s funny to have to shut off the system at night because my family is freezing. Best purchase I have made in years for my home. Thanks for the great product.
Juan Aveytia (Ceres, CA)
To the wonderful people at Centric Air: I just want to say thank you for being such a wonderful company! I email a problem to you and the part is already shipping, no questions asked… before I start teaching the next morning (even emailing at 10PM!). I call to confirm the issue, you explain it perfectly (helps that I’m an engineer, too). You are always professional, courteous and you very much stand behind your good product. You are a good group of people who are doing good work. I admire that, which is why I tell everyone In know to get one of your fans. The fans work well, the company works better! Thank You!
Forest (Napa, CA)
My wife helped me with the installation!!! It was tight quarters, but not difficult at all, the instructions were perfect! WE LOVE OUR FAN and will recommend you to anyone!
Darren Ingraham (Merced, CA)