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Instructions For Operating A Whole House Fan

A whole-house fan can provide an energy-saving alternative to air-conditioning, particularly when the air outside is cooler than inside. Although such fans don’t remove humidity from the air like an air conditioner, they provide a powerful degree of ventilation throughout your home.

    1. Open windows in your home when operating the whole-house fan to avoid creating concentrated suction in any one spot.

    2. Close any fireplace dampers before turning on the fan to avoid pulling soot into a room.

    3. Turn on the whole-house fan when the air outdoors is cool and dry, typically during the evening, at night or early morning hours. Turn off the fan during the day when temperatures outside rise higher than in the home.

    4. Open the windows in any particular rooms you wish to cool, closing windows in other rooms. This helps increase the air movement where you need it most.

    5. Use optional timers to run your fan for a specific amount of time. Do not use controls that automatically switch on the fan as it is essential that you open windows and close the fireplace damper before operating the fan.


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