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How Does a Whole House Fan Work?

A whole house fan works by drawing cool outside air into the home through open windows and expelling hot, stale indoor air through the attic and roof vents.

The fan is typically installed in the attic and is connected to a vent system that runs through the attic and into the rooms of the house. When the fan is turned on, it pulls cool air into the home through open windows and pushes hot, stale air out through the attic vents.

This creates a natural “stack effect” that cools the house and improves indoor air quality. Whole house fans are typically used in the evening or early morning when outdoor temperatures are cooler than indoor temperatures, which makes it more efficient and cheaper to cool the house. Whole house fan can be operated by switch or remote control.

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A diagram showing that whole house fans pull fresh air in through a home's windows and push the old air out through the attic, cooling the home and attic at the same time.


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