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Cool Down Hot Bedrooms with a Whole House Fan

The rooms in the upper level of a home can become unbearably hot during the summer, especially the upstairs bedrooms. You don’t have to swelter. A whole house fan can help cool these rooms efficiently while allowing you to enjoy a comfortable nights sleep. Learn more about the best way to cool down a bedroom below.

Whole-house fans may seem old fashioned, but they are enjoying renewed popularity thanks to improved technology and ease of installation. The idea behind them is quite simple. A powerful fan draws cool early morning and evening air in through open windows and doors and forces the hot stale air into the attic and out the roof vents. This cools both your home and your attic. These fans are commonly mounted in an upstairs stairwell or hallway ceiling where there’s at least 3 ft. of clearance above the fan.

Main Advantages
Energy savings. Whole house fans use up to 90 percent less energy than an air conditioner, and in some climates with cool mornings and evenings, they can actually replace the need for air conditioning.

Easy installation. Thanks to improved technology, modern whole house fans like Centric Air can be installed in just a couple of hours on a weekend with the use of a few basic tools. Click on the following to read more: The solution for hot stuffy bedrooms.


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