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Can A Whole House Fan Save On My Utility Bills?

Question: I was wondering if installing and using a whole house fan, instead of the air-conditioner as much, would save money on my utility bills

Answer: Depending upon its size, a whole house fan only uses a fraction of the electricity compared to a central air conditioner. Also, it uses significantly less electricity than a window air conditioner, yet it keeps the entire house more comfortable, not just one room. Installing one generally provides a good payback on the investment.

A whole house fan is usually installed in the ceiling in a hallway or the top of the stairwell so it sucks air out of your house and blows it into the attic. This also keeps the attic area cooler. You must make sure there is an adequate exhaust vent area in the attic to handle the airflow.

The comfort and saving benefits of using a whole house fan results from drawing cooler outdoor air throughout your home.

The actual savings you realize depend upon your climate and your sense of comfort. If you live in a dry climate and can handle a little heat during the daytime, you might be able to get by without using your air conditioner at all. Run the fan at night to cool the house so it stays comfortable much of the day. To read more about saving money with a whole house fan click on the following: Save Money with a Whole House Fan


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